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Full Version: [Free] Password Hash Cracking.
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post hashes you want cracked
if you do not include salts, nobody will crack the hashes
smf salts are usernames
try to group hashes together if they look similar, it often takes longer to organize your posts than to actually crack them

when cracking hashes include the ones you were not able to crack, so others can attempt them without having to pick out the ones you did crack
example of what to do:
[Image: 411319.png]

an example of what NOT to do:
[Image: 421344.png]
Could you crack this hash for me? [Image: dvoegm.jpg]
(12-25-2013, 02:48 PM)Jeshper Wrote: [ -> ]Could you crack this hash for me? [Image: dvoegm.jpg]

oh yes [Image: 1aK2ZAx.gif]
3599123ddf4bb8041a37033934d8593f :)
(12-25-2013, 08:59 PM)Sam Wrote: [ -> ]3599123ddf4bb8041a37033934d8593f :)

don't forget to put the salt
and this one wasn't found in my dicts (or cmd5's), but here's his facebook https://www.facebook.com/kayne.north?fref=ts [Image: sZGGq5R.png]
thanks man
'bffc567db33a04405012fef5dc73cbcd', '!b9^-8SHTT43x_<3@~''6&m#"e/ijxU'), :P
(12-28-2013, 01:54 AM)Sam Wrote: [ -> ]'bffc567db33a04405012fef5dc73cbcd', '!b9^-8SHTT43x_<3@~''6&m#"e/ijxU'), :P

nobody's been able to crack this hash yet XD


'13547757db3cee146642c74d9f2328b5', 'tZZw0s).!n3ojuFD!WT&L''0Q6MY#tB'

fd668b34960e9ea74047e8d7ef9be23e )b#9YFn%E0`b;w"K$xc&7gD9@-OOXD

'5ea39353f1273b4be6ffaff6b63476de', ')@a%1@*t{6h0hYLRf)"hkip9/&wLGP')