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Fire-Pk Cheat Client! [OLD]
[Image: d2ZooVJ.jpg]

Content Unlocked:
The Poll is over, Fire-Pk has been chosen for BloodShed! Go show them what we are made of.

Make sure you spam join today, and cause chaos for the [Image: YnHgmEF.png] Chaos Award.

Here is the official Fire-Pk Cheat client:[Image: pADPnjN.png]
Here is a list of commands, you are able to use:
dc - make the clients from others crash (they need to reload it) [RECOMMENDED command to use while spamming]
object (id) - Spawns objects on the ground
interface (id) - Changes interface
plane (1, 2 or 3) - Takes you to different levels/heights of the map
tree - spawns a tree (requires an axe)
click (id) - clicks on an object

Let me remind you, you will need to login to the cheat client before you are able to use it. Your login info is the same usernameTongueassword, you use for the forums. Your password may only contain letters a-z & numbers 0-9 in order to login!

Shoutout to Shaco for amazing development on this client.

To help the forum grow when using the cheat client please make sure to let those players know where you are coming from by spamming " #1 cause of rsps downtime" or something like that lol.

And lastly, enjoy abusing. Administrative & Development Team.
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[Image: ByMoQJ0.png]
Curious to see this.
nice client :) let the bloodshed begin
I want to Check this...
Thanks for this man. I'll be causing fat chaos on fire-pk.
Lets doo it :DDDD
Logged in but got disconnected. Assume it was one of you? Should patch this vuln in your client, I assume that's doable.

Nice work on the client by the way, much more modular than other reflection based clients I've seen and the UI is nice.
I will be trying this tomorrow, hopefully they're still online and getting fucked.
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Thanks for this in advance
hi everyone

how do u use commands

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