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[UDPATED] Zamorak Cheat Client
was messing around on and decided to release the cheat client I was using, since I put so much time into recoding all the methods.

11/29/15 - fixed client connectivity, remade some methods they tried to fix (not very well)

[Image: fEtjS3t.jpg]
no clipping and spawning some rocks with "obj 2090" & "obj 2095"

[Image: BoV4kfO.jpg]
opening make-over interface with "int 5339"

[Image: 5kRk2Jn.jpg]
100% usable bank anywhere with "bank"

bank - bank anywhere
noclip - yeah.
cft1 - cft #1
cft2 - cft #2

pray - pray anywhere.
step - takes a step forward, ignoring all clipping.
dc - disconnects you no matter where you are.
sb - changes spellbook
up - go up one level
down - go down one level
agilxp - climbs up and down agil nets forever to get shitload of xp ll
agilbot # - # is how many times you want to do agility course. gets ton of tickets
obj # - spawns the object # you specify. obects can be found here
clk # - clicks the obect # you specify. obects can be found here
int # - opens interface # you specify. interface Ids can be found here

[automatically changes your UUID everytime you reload the client]

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Thanks alot Ama <3
Ama when you do the agility bot, it skips some parts of the course, meaning you won't get tickets
thanks ama :D
thanks alot bro
i need this lol
nice ty man

thanks man but i cant open it
Nice share , thanks
[Image: 7428642_orig.gif][Image: 7428642_orig.gif]
Nice bro! thanks
Not bad, thanks for sharing.
Thx for share

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