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Selling RS3 accs
Account one comes with a few months of membership, 07scape untouched and has some average RS3 stats
Random trash items in bank, mostly cleaned, hacked it of someones email and made it attached to mine, over 60 days untouched.

[Image: 9b2b2f558f5f721e42d09c993ec95f6c.png]

[Image: 4a4eea46630039320d79f126c963247c.png]

Account two has 07scape untouched, trash RS3 stats but has his visa attached or whatever, active subscription.
Email attached to mine, have the means to recover it from phone number, payment details, irl adress n such

[Image: 0b651de14de19316fb2a4f44a7f56f1e.png]
[Image: f05a41abd7a2c0a7417ac209a9ad3cf8.png]
[Image: ec1dafa17415221afcb207d56ae98e3c.png]

Can pay either 07 or bitcoin.

Leave a message and I'll get back to you, bid whatever.

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